"I Almost Divorced My Good Husband Because His Manhood Was Small and He Ejaculated So Quick During Sex... Then I Ran Into This No Side Effect 2-in-1 Remedy That Dramatically Increased His Size to 7 Inches And Added 35 Minutes to His Staying Time... All in Less Than 2 Months"


Here's my breathtaking story... plus how I bumped into the miracle that did it for my husband... which have benefited over 37 persons since then!


In everything we do in life, patience is important.

I'm Mary by name, a top ranking staff in one of the telecom companies in Lagos.

You are reading about how the twin problems of small cucumber and premature ejaculation almost took the love of my life away from me.

Each time I look back, I feel so ashamed about the way I treated my husband in recent years.

I don't really know what came over me. I felt completely overpowered by the desire for sex.

But on the other hand, I am just human… and trying to be that faithful wife.

So, if there’s anything I wished never lacked in my marriage, then it should be good sex.

But woe, I wasn’t getting that… not even anything close.

I would often pick a fight with him because of his inability to satisfy me in bed...

Not only was he not lasting long enough in bed, his penis was also so small... twin wicked ugly dragon :(

We never had it before marriage… for obvious reasons.

Then after the marriage, I was dying in desire…

I needed a man who would thrust hard into the right place, not tickle me.

I needed a man who would last as long as I need to orgasm.

As much as I hate fighting with my hubby, I often found it hard to restrain my tongue from abusing him.

The issue soon escalated into not being in talking terms even while living under the same roof.


Then I contemplated divorce.

But when I met the Rev. Father, he went into counseling instead of helping me facilitate the divorce process. Guess, that’s one of the steps in the Catholic Church’s divorce process

The Rev. Father did so much to explain the concept of marriage to me.

"In marriage, the problem of one partner is the problem of both. The other person shouldn't say 'your problem'. He or she should say 'our problem'. You fight together and win together. What your husband is facing is redeemable. Pray together and seek solution and you are sure to find one." He had said.

I came home that day with a sense of remorse.

Remembering that this my husband was the same person who rescued my mother from a serious financial mess many years before coming to marry me, I melted in regret.

Before the marriage still, at a point when people thought I was going to drop from school due to our financial constraints, it was this same man who continued from where my mother stopped and made sure I graduated.

Now we are married and every right thinking person expect that I should be loyal to him but I found myself returning war for love.

I remembered these things and I wept.

Just then, the words of the Rev. Father echoed in my head again: fight and win together.

I made a silent promise that I was going to stick with him in seeking for solutions to these imbalances.

Thank God I made that decision…

Today, the solution we found did not just stop at helping my hubby alone, but has gone ahead to help over 37 other men.

Even got to a point where I am not referred to as that “Home mender”

Because of the HUGE breakthrough, I thought the only and best way I can appreciate God for it… is to make sure more and more people get to know about the miraculous solution.

That way, many homes will be saved…

More relationship will become stronger.

So, I created an online platform to educate anyone who is tired of jumping from pillar to post in search of solution… and wants a solution that works.

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